Condition One Announces “Bison” – a Professional Virtual Reality Camera for Cinematic VR Experiences

VR technology company Condition One today announced “Bison,” a professional cinematic virtual reality (VR) camera that creates powerful and seamless stereoscopic immersive experiences. A pioneer in VR storytelling, Condition One will leverage “Bison,” as well as its specialized and tailored production services, to create poignant and thought-provoking VR content.

“Our professional camera is built to be robust and reliable in extreme and difficult environments; we recently field-tested capturing jaguars in Mexico and grizzly bears in Montana,” said Condition One’s CEO and Founder, Danfung Dennis. “‘Bison’ allows the production team to focus on getting close to the subject to create a strong sense of presence.”

“‘Bison’ is much more than simply an upgrade from the unsynchronized, flimsy GoPro rigs of last year. Yes, ‘Bison’ has its share of next gen features, but what really sets it apart is how it integrates into Condition One’s larger production workflow,” said Jay Brown, Condition One’s CTO. “Our production teams no longer have to wonder whether or not they got the shot – or fumble around for hours dealing with piles of SD cards. ‘Bison,’ and Condition One software, free production teams of all the tedious and error prone ways of last year.”

Designed for near-field presence, “Bison” features 16 genlock synchronized cameras and captures 360-degree video in stereoscopic 3D at 48 frames per second. With a 5.7K resolution, the camera produces some of the highest quality VR footage currently available in the market.

Additional “Bison” features include:

  • High quality 3D positional audio
  • Two hour record time
  • 2.0 minimum distance to subject range
  • Tablet control
  • Remote trigger up to 2,600 feet range
  • Thermal management system
  • Mechanically engineered aluminum rig
  • Carbon fiber tripod

Launching this summer, “Bison” will only be accessible as part of production services for brands, media companies, filmmakers and activists looking to create high quality and industry-leading VR content; the camera will not be sold to the public. Condition One will offer end-to-end production services, from concept to final delivery. The company’s in-house production team (veteran TV and film producers) ensures that each experience is story-driven and empathetic.

For more information on “Bison” and Condition One, visit:

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