Sony DADC New Media Solutions Announces Plans To Add Dolby Vision To 4K Ultra HD Authoring Toolset

Sony DADC New Media Solutions (NMS) today announced plans to incorporate Dolby Vision™ technology into their Ultra HD™ Blu-ray authoring tools. NMS is in advanced stages of development of Dolby Vision capability for its suite of authoring tools and will be capable of creating 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray projects with Dolby Vision later this year.

Known for its ability to deliver high dynamic range (HDR) and a wider color gamut, Dolby Vision adds an enhancement layer to baseline HDR streams that increases precision from 10-bit to 12-bit as well as dynamic metadata in order to deliver a more accurate and refined visual experience.

“The talented developers at Sony DADC New Media Solutions are known for their creativity and innovation in bringing tools and solutions to market for the home entertainment content creation community. We are thrilled to be collaborating with them to add Dolby Vision to their suite of authoring tools, and look forward to working with our studio partners to bring Ultra HD Blu-ray titles to market with Dolby Vision,” said Curt Behlmer, SVP, Content Solutions and Industry Relations, Dolby. “As we work with major television manufacturers, studios and distributors to bring the Dolby Vision experience to the home, Sony DADC New Media Solutions will make it even easier for content creators to unlock the ultimate home entertainment experience.”

Dolby Vision further enhances NMS’ advanced authoring tool capabilities that include Dolby Atmos object-based audio, triple layer 100GB disc authoring, seamless branching, menus, subtitle conversions, and the baseline HDR-10 profile which ensures HDR playback on any Ultra HD Blu-ray player. NMS also recently integrated advanced Dolby Atmos packaging to efficiently reduce the disc data footprint.

“NMS is unique in that we are able to build our own authoring tools — and have designed them to efficiently integrate with innovative solutions like Dolby Vision,” said Seth Hallen, SVP Global Creative Services, Sony DADC New Media Solutions. “This ensures that NMS’ authoring tools are designed to always provide the most advanced 4K Ultra HD features so studios and content owners can always deliver the highest quality consumer experience.”

NMS’ 4K Ultra HD authoring tools have been utilized on 46 released or in production projects, which include several of the first upcoming 100GB, triple-layer discs that enable studios to deliver longer feature films, bonus content, and more features. NMS’ advanced authoring capabilities are now available in Sony DADC’s London facility for UK & European customers and join NMS’ comprehensive digital ecosystem of services that also include avails management, content and aggregation management, distribution, broadcast playout, and white-label OTT/Commerce services.