ColorLight Supports HLG as Well as PQ

Colorlight is from Shenzen and makes LED controllers. It is clear in its aim to compete with Novastar and told us that it is ‘almost the same’ as Novastar, but cheaper. One of the questions we had was about HDR and the company managed to find an engineer who told us that as well as the PQ curve, it can support HLG as it is a variation of a gamma curve. The system supports full screen and can support two PiP images and active 3D. To support HDR, which means some quite subtle low levels at the bottom of the range, the company recommends the use of 3840 Hz refresh rates.

Next we looked at a low latency controller that is aimed at competing with Novastar and has latency of ‘less than one frame’, which can be very important for live events. It also has an UltraHD controller that can perform scaling and again supports PiP while maintaining low latency.

As well as the big display controllers, Colorlight had small media players for totem type and standalone displays. The players can be synchronised where multiple totems are used together and can run from the cloud using Wi-Fi, Ethernet and even 3G/4G.

ColorLight controllerColorLight’s controller can be used for LED totems. Image:Meko

ColorLight said that it finds quite good demand for controllers that can support active 3D and has supplied a number of prestigious projects including installations at Audi and at Mercedes for 3D caves.