Citybeacon Partners With Zytronic on Smart City Hubs

Citybeacon has selected UK touch-tech company Zytronic to create a smart kiosk network in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

25 interactive kiosks have been deployed throughout the city. Zytronic partner Telerex assisted the company in the design of the kiosks, selecting its flexible ZYFilm multi-touch display for the installation. The overlay glass is 10mm thick and capable of detecting up to 40 touch points simultaneously.

The kiosks provide citizens with directions, local service updates and business promotions via a multi-touch screen and a larger double-sided advertising display above.

The devices incorporate NFC, RFID and Bluetooth-based payment and mobile hand-off systems, as well as a microphone, camera and VOIP communications providing a direct link to emergency services. The on-board cameras also provide round-the-clock security monitoring of public areas.

The kiosks send analytical data back to the city via air quality, UV and audience sensors, while Gigabit Wi-Fi and 4G and 5G-ready antennas ensure uninterrupted coverage.