Christie Highlights Reduced Noise of L/P Projectors

Christie was highlighting the D12WU-HS projector which is a single chip DLP unit that uses a laser phosphor light source and which we reported on from ISE (Christie ‘Solves Laser Colour Balance’) The company also told us that it has found that output is between 12.5K and 13K, compared to the rated 12K lumens. The Boxer series, which is optimised for rental and staging has been upgraded to reduce the sound levels. The company told us that the 30K unit has had its noise reduced to the previous level of the 14K model. The low noise made the projector effectively inaudible in the background noise of the show unless you were very close. We noticed the heat before the sound!

Christie has four models in the 850-GS series of single chip DLP models which produce only 35dBA and all use laser phosphor light sources. The DWU850-GS has 1920 x 1200 resolution and 7,500 Ansi lumens with 2,000,000:1 contrast while the DHD850-GS has 1920 x 1080 resolution and 6,900 Ansi lumens. Inputs include 3GSDI, DVD-D and dual HDMI inputs as well as VGA. The HDMI input is designed to allow ceiling mounting, and the units can be used in any orientation. Christie highlighted its BoldColor technology which allows conformance with Rec. 709. The company has promised us more information on this. The 850-GS are available in black or white and will ship in the ‘summer’.

Christie GS Series 3 smaller

Other features at the show included a kiosk mode for the Pandora’s Box controllers that makes set up easier and allows simple ‘play lists’ to be used. A tagging system called ‘ID Tracking’ was being shown that used badges to identify individuals, who could then be targeted using projection or lighting.