Choose Between RGB and WLED With NEC

NEC US has designed two new monitors for multi-display set-ups, with video outputs and NEC’s own ControlSync technology. They are the Multisync EA305WMi (29.8″) and EA275WMi (27″).

ControlSync can be used to control up to six displays in a multi-monitor configuration. One unit is designated the master, and others are slaved to it.

Each monitor features presence and ambient light sensors, to save power. They also have a carbon footprint meter and picture-by-picture mode. Both can tilt, swivel, pivot and are height adjustable to 130mm.

While the displays are mostly similar, there are some fundamental differences. The larger EA305WMi is a wide-gamut unit, with an RGB backlight. We have asked NEC what the gamut coverage is, but have not had a response yet. The company says that the screen is intended for photography, video production and print users. The EA275WMi, which has a WLED backlight, covers the sRGB gamut, although once again NEC did not provide specifics.

Display resolution is 2560 x 1600 (29.8″) or 2560 x 1440. Both units have 350 cd/m² of brightness and use IPS panels with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 6ms response time and 178° viewing angles. DisplayPort (in and out), HDMI and DVI-I ports are featured.

NEC will begin to sell the new Multisync monitors this month, for $1,400 (EA305WMi) or $700 (EA275WMi).