Changhong Focus on OLED TVs: Upgrades with Android

As is typical of Changhong, they showed many TVs and a projection solution but did not have a spokesperson who could provide more than just the basic information. After reviewing what we wrote about Changhong for the 2017 IFA, it is clear that not much has changed as many of the same TVs were on display. What appears to be new is the addition of Android TV OS, Google Assistant and the use of “AI” on their literature, although this may simply refer to the AI functionality built into Google Assistant.

Changhong 4

Overall, the OLED TVs looked quite good but the LCDs less so. They also had an 8K Display to show.

Changhong was clearly focusing on the OLED TVs and said they had new 4K models to show. This included the ultra-thin wall TV concept along with several other models that feature bold styling and soundbars (similar to what was shown in 2017).

The TV below is one of the designs of the OLED wallpaper TV with separate sound bar. This is a 77Q6A OLED 4K Android TV with local dimming (which seems odd to say for an OLED TV), AI, Google Assistant, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, HEVC decoding and Dolby Vision. It is also offered with a stand.

Changhong 9Changhong 9

For 2017, Chanhong showcased a number of 65Q5 models with different designs and levels of functionality. It was similar in 2018 with several 65Q6 designs. I have not been able to figure out from the model names which ones are LCD and which are OLED, nor were the name cards or booth staff helpful in this regard. All claim to be Android TVs with AI, voice control, HDR support and local dimming, but beyond that, no details were available.

Below are some photos of the 65Q6S, 65Q5E and 65Q5T.

Changhong 3Changhong 3

Changhong 7

In 8K, a 75” model was show vs. the 60” version shown at IFA 2017. Changhong is still considering commercialization of 8K. It depends on the market and cost reduction.

Changhong 3Changhong 7