CEA Supports Definitions With UltraHD Logos

The CEA’s UltraHD logos, which we heard it was working on when the organisation updated its characteristics for UltraHD displays earlier this year (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 26), have now been released.

Developed by the CEA’s UltraHD Communications Working Group, the new logos are designed for TVs, monitors and projectors. They are designed to help consumers identify UltraHD products. The two logos are ‘4K UltraHD’ and ‘4K UltraHD Connected’. ‘4K UltraHD’ will now be used to refer to new display products with more than 8 million pixels – an update to the CEA’s decision in 2012, when they were referred to as ‘UltraHD’.

To qualify for the new logo, non-connected displays must meet the CEA’s display characteristics, which include at least 3840 x 2160 resolution; ability to upscale content; 8-bit colour; support for UltraHD at 60fps; and support for the Rec.709 colour space. Connected UltraHD displays must additionally decode HEVC; receive and reproduce and/or output multichannel video; receive IP-delivered UltraHD content through WiFi, Ethernet or other appropriate connection; and support this delivery through apps and services on the manufacturer’s chosen platform.

A licensing agreement is currently being developed.