CE Sales Rise in Germany in Q4

German consumer electronics (CE) sales in Q4 are expected to reach €8.5 billion, according to the GFU. The figure represents a 2.3% YoY rise and equals around 30% of the total annual CE spend in the country (€27.6 billion, a 2.5% YoY rise).

8.2 million TV sets will be sold in Germany this year; a 5% rise. However, prices will fall 1.5%, to a total value of €4.7 billion. Smart TVs now represent 76% of TV sales in Germany.

Mobile devices are proving extremely popular; it is thought that they will be the main growth driver of CE sales in Q4. 2.7 million tablets and 7.3 million smartphones will be sold in Q4 – new record levels for each type of device.

The positive CE trend is expected to continue next year, when sales will rise more than 2% to exceed €28 billion.