Casio to Release High-Value Entry Level Projector XJ-V1

Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced the release of a new generation projector XJ-V1 which succeeded to overcome several technical hurdles and realized practical enough 2700 ANSI lumens brightness at the field of education and business at surprisingly reasonable price1 in Laser & LED SSI (Solid State Illumination) projector category.

The XJ-V1 will provide everyone who needed a projector to enjoy the merit of Laser & LED projector from the 2nd quarter of 2015.

In 2010, Casio invented and released the first projector to use its original high brightness Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source without using conventional high-pressure mercury lamp. Afterwards, Casio has been watched as the leading company of Laser & LED hybrid projector category in the market, and actually reached 87.8% market share in this category.

This new model XJ-V1 is the first strategic line up of Laser & LED projector to target school and corporate users to choose it easily with no deep or serious consideration.

Laser & LED light source with Surprisingly reasonable price
Due to high technology with higher cost devices, high brightness Laser & LED projectors used to be regarded as premium item. Thanks to newly designed lighting source units and projection lens, Casio succeeded to develop Laser & LED projector model XJ-V1 at surprisingly reasonable price. The XJ-V1 makes possible Laser & LED projector be close and familiar presence than ever before.

Easy replacement capability from current lamp projector in use
Casio also concern the users of high-pressure mercury lamp projectors who think about buying replacement together with capturing new customers. The XJ-V1 can be installed mostly to cope with conventional generic universal ceiling mount bracket with no extra heavy construction work. Users can start using just after purchase like “ready-to-use” with no troublesome and costly work. The XJ-V1 can be well performed even in dusty occasions thanks to dust resistant cabinet, improved shielded structure covering primal light source units.

Outstanding economy and usability as the specialties of Laser & LED light source
Unique advantages of Laser & LED light source – no requirement of lamp replacement in 20,000 hours usage, extraordinary low energy consumption reduced by half3 realized excellent4 TCO5 Total Cost Of Ownership?surpassing high-pressure mercury lamp projectors. In addition, not like high pressure mercury lamp, no warming up and cooling interval for are needed for even re-starting just after shout-down. Projection in full brightness can be started within 5 seconds, which also can shut down and restart by one time of pressing of the ON/OFF button.

Under the slogan “Time to Go Lamp free for Everyone!” Casio is working to change a reform of projector standard by the XJ-V1 closing in6 high-pressure mercury lamp projectors in term of initial cost. By promoting the use of Laser & LED projector that do not require high-pressure mercury lamps, Casio is also contributing to reduce environmental burden such as CO2 emission by control of electricity consumption, non-use of hazardous mercury.

Main Specifications
Brightness: 2700 lumens
Light Source: Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source (Estimated Life: Approx. 20,000 hours)
Display System: DLP® chip × 1, DLP® system
Contrast Ratio: 20,000:1 (“Bright” selected)
Display Resolution: XGA (1024 × 768)
Optical ZOOM: 1.1X
Color Reproduction: Full color (1.07 billion colors)
Main Terminals: RGB Input, HDMI, RS-232C
Power Consumption: 145W or less (with Eco Mode “Eco 1” selected), 155W or less (with Eco Mode Off “Bright” selected)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 269.5 x 269.5 x 88.5mm

1 User price approx. 539 € (excl. VAT) or below converted in US dollar ( estimated by Casio) or below which is subject to change according to taxation system or pricing structure of distribution system country by country.
2 Laser & LED Hybrid light source projector volumes in Q1-Q3 2014 sourced from Futuresource Consulting
3 Compared to 2600 – 2800 lumens high pressure mercury lamp projectors (calculated by Casio)
4 Compared to 2600 – 2800 lumens high pressure mercury lamp projectors (for 5 years’ TCO calculated by Casio)
5 Projector(initial cost) + lamp replacement + filter replacement + electricity charge (calculated by Casio)
6 Compared to 2600 – 2800 lumens high pressure mercury lamp projectors (for 3 years’ TCO calculated by Casio)