BrightView to Unveil New Polycarbonate Brightness Enhancing Film for High-Performance Displays

BrightView Technologies has announced the launch of a new display technology, the Polycarbonate Brightness Enhancing Film (BEF), which will be showcased at Display Week 2024. This new film incorporates BrightView’s micro-lens-array (MLA) technology, which is reported to increase display brightness by up to 30% in high-performance display designs.

Source: BrightView

The technology is targeted at a variety of applications including desktop monitors, laptops, tablets, and other custom displays. The BEFs are constructed from a high-quality polycarbonate substrate integrated with the company’s edge-lit and MiniLED MLA stacks, which are designed to optimize brightness and reduce power consumption.

BrightView describes its MLA technology as using microscale lenses to manipulate light through refraction and total internal reflection, providing better light uniformity and dimming performance compared to traditional diffusers that scatter light. The company also highlighted its use of a roll-to-roll manufacturing process, which it says supports cost-effective and high-volume production.