BMW Chooses TiVo for In-Car Entertainment Platform

Xperi recently announced that BMW has chosen TiVo’s video media platform. This move signifies an expansion in in-car entertainment, and BMW customers will have access to various content including news, movies, and media libraries through the TiVo platform. This is slated to start by the end of 2023, initially for customers of the BMW 5 series and other future models.

Source: Xperi

The TiVo media platform is designed to give more control to the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) over the user experience. This integration is part of Xperi’s independent media platform strategy which aims to provide immersive in-car entertainment experiences.

The CEOs of both Xperi and BMW emphasized the increasing importance of in-car entertainment. They highlighted the platform’s adaptability and its potential to provide a world-class entertainment offering to BMW customers, transforming their time in the vehicle into a more captivating and enjoyable experience. There was no mention of what role driving plays in transforming anyone’s time in their car.