Blu-ray Still Tops Streamers Yet Canal Digital to Launch Android TV as Google Loses Market Share

According to data from TiVo, connected Blu-ray disc players connected to the Internet, still exceed Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and Apple Devices, despite a second quarter decline of 3.3% in ownership of Blu-ray disc players.

In the TiVo survey of 3,000 respondents, 12.1% owned a connected Blu-ray player, which was down from 15.5% in the first quarter. Meanwhile, ownership of Amazon Fire TV stick rose 0.5% to 10.2%; Roku ownership rose 0.2% to 9.9%; Google Chromecast declined 1.7% to 9.1%; and Apple TV fell 4.3% to 9%. It is too early to know how the new Apple TV 4K with HDR will affect the company’s share of the market.

Some 38.2% of survey respondents did not own a streaming media player, with 25% of respondents not being familiar with such devices. Although, TiVo believes that the percentage of households without a streaming device will drop significantly over time.

Besides the popularity of Blu-ray discs and a decline in Google’s share of the market, Telenor-owned Nordic pay-TV provider Canal Digital is to develop a next-generation TV service based on the Android TV platform.

Canal Digital will be releasing further details of their plans over time and that the launch date would be announced later this year. There has been significant adoption of Android TV among operators in the Nordic region over the last year, driven in part by changes made to the platform by Google. Examples being the Finnish operator DNA’s TV-hubi offering, which was launched in August this year, is based on the Android TV platform, while Denmark’s YouSee recently launched an Android TV app as a multi-room service for homes with a YouSee set-top.

Blu-ray tops streaming devices as Google and Apple lose market share