Berliner Philharmoniker App Comes to Samsung Smart TVs

Berliner Philharmoniker, named in many polls as the world’s best orchestra, is bringing its Digital Concert Hall app to Samsung’s 2015, 2016 and 2017 Smart TVs.

According to the press release, the updated version of the app offers an improved user experience and an enhanced feature set, which includes curated playlists and work overviews of concerts.

Berliner Philharmoniker has been streaming live concert video and audio via its Digital Concert Hall app since it was released in 2008, and now boasts over 1,500 archive recordings, as well as interviews, concert introductions, documentaries, artist portraits and educational program concerts.

Analyst Comment

Berliner Philharmoniker works closely with Panasonic, as well. (Panasonic Improves OLED Performance) (BR)