BC20 O’Brien Combines GfK & NPD Data

Bob O’Brien was once with Corning (and was previously with LG.Philips Displays) but is now an independent consultant. O’Brien has been working on a new global brand report with GfK and NPD POS data and he is looking to establish a series of reports to combine data from the two companies. NPD has data for the US, while GfK has Europe and Asia, so the combination gives global coverage. After looking at the global TV market structure in his talk, he went into detail for the G20 countries.

Looking at average prices, there there three expensive countries – Korea, Australia and Argentina, for different reasons. The overall average is around $500, but at the high end, in some countries the average is over $900 and in others it goes down to around $300. The US, Canada and China have very low prices. Global brands tend to get a small premium and tend to have most of the market (except in China). Chinese brands also do well in Australia.

RJO Options ASPs Global TV SmallerASPs vary widely globally – click for higher resolution

If you take a single size such as 32″, the average goes from over $600 in Argentina to under $200 in the US and Canada. (I suspect that this is because 32″ sets in those markets are second sets, so are probably less well specified, while in other countries they are main sets – BR). In some countries, such as Turkey, Chinese brands are very cheap at less than $150 because of competition from local brands.

Global brands dominate the market in most regions, although this doesn’t apply in China. Around half the value of revenue for global brand TVs is now coming from UltraHD and all the added features such as WCG and curved are more important in value terms than in volumes.