Barco Launches LED Canvas with 7 mm Pitch

One of the most innovative LED products launched last year was Barco’s Series R ‘Canvas’ range, which was originally only available with a 10mm pitch. (R-series is Barco’s Thin, Light LED Solution) It has now been released in a second version with 7mm pitch. The configuration in lengths of up to 4.68m and are both very light and thin (5mm) and also flexible. The tightest radius is 0.5 metre (19.5″).

Brightness is 5,000 cd/m² and the company quotes power consumption of the 7mm at 251W/m², while weight is <6kg/m² compared to up to 40kg/m² for traditional screens and associated infrastructure is also dramatically reduced in weight. The displays can be used outdoors and are rated for IP54.

Barco will show the revised version at Infocomm next month.

The R Series is flexible and thin.