JCDecaux Subsidiary Enlarges its Italian DooH Network

JCDecaux has a new advertising contract on the Naples subway system that includes additional DooH screens at seven stations. Following the issuing of a tender in 2016, IGPDecaux, an Italian subsidiary of JCDecaux, won the tender and has been holding the concession for DooH advertising in the metro stations for nine years. IGPDecaux indicated that the concession fee is around $11 million and will provide a guaranteed advertising revenue 40% higher than the previous level.

The subsidiary company, IGPDecaux owns 60% of the shares of the company, and JCDecaux, the remaining 40%. IGPDecaux now has the right to build and operate DooH screens at the metro stations of Vanvitelli, Toledo, Museo, Garibaldi, Municipio, Augusteo and P.tta Fuga. A total of twenty-six 70” and 80″ full HD screens will be used. Also, some existing static and dynamic advertising is being modernised. These are located in the metro, cableway, tram, bus and parking areas. There will be 54 new city light posters installed, and the existing DooH system, called Video Metrò, will be renewed.

In addition to Naples, large DooH screens are also part of the network in the metros of Milan, Roma and Brescia, as well as at the airports of Linate, Malpensa, Torino Caselle and are also used in the digital street furniture in Milan. IGPDecaux will now expand its nationwide digital out-of-home network to 300 screens with the new DooH screens at the seven subway stations.

JCDecaux DOOH Screen in an Italian Subway Station