Barco Claims World’s Quietest Laser Projector

Barco’s space-themed stand welcomed us with big LED displays and a really immersive example of a dome projection.

The X-1.6 is part of a new high-end LED display range, the X Series, that was seen as a concept at Infocomm. Each module is 400 x 450mm, and several were held in one of Barco’s OBLX free-standing mounts. One of the displays’ key selling points is ease of set-up: modules simply snap together, rather than being screwed in.

The X Series can be operated 24/7 and feature dimming that does not lower dynamic range or degrade colour accuracy, says Barco. If an LED fails, the company’s ‘Pixel Fusion’ technique will kick in to hide the dead spot (we couldn’t find any more details, but will keep our ears open for more!). The displays utilise the Infinipix platform and content is managed via any HTML5 browser.

Operating at less than 35dB, Barco claims that its new laser phosphor projector is the “quietest on the planet”. Available with 1280 x 800 or 1920 x 1200 resolution, this 1DLP model will last for 20,000 hours and will be shipped in April. Lenses are interchangeable, with throw ratios ranging from 0.95:1 to 5.5:1. Images can be scaled to 250″ and brightness is 6,000 lumens.

Part of the Present-P range, the new laser projector is designed for mid-sized spaces, such as boardrooms. It can rotate 360° and is compatible with Barco’s Clickshare unit, as well as supporting HDBaseT signals.

On the topic of Clickshare, which handles wireless signals, Barco is introducing a similar unit for wired operation. The NRC-200 compositor links to Clickshare to perform the same function. It is a network solution for spaces where there are a number of fixed machines, such as IT classrooms. The compositor can accept up to eight inputs and output the signals to up to two UltraHD displays.

Barco NRC 200 compositorIn a separate area of the stand, Barco was showing edge-blending using the new HDF-W30 Flex (Christie & Barco Introduce 30K Lumen Projectors). Belgium-based AED Display purchased 20 of these projectors on the first day of ISE, as well as 40 of the HDF-W26. We also took a quick break by playing a space-fighting game in the dome projection area (using three F22 projectors and a moving seat), which was very good. It was set up by Barco partner, Holovis.

The E2 is Barco’s final new product: a video wall processor with 28 inputs; eight programmable outputs, supporting DCI-4k at 60fps and 4:4:4 subsampling; four auxiliary outputs; and two multi-viewer outputs. Up to 16 chassis can be linked together. ISE served as the E2’s official launch; it will cost the same as Barco’s other processors.