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Augmented Reality – Phone or Glasses?

by Helen Vince

Augmented Reality – As a reader, you know by now about our obsession with virtual and augmented reality. We believe that these are key technologies that will influence or even define the user interface in …

Tags:Augmented Reality| Google Glass| Mobile Display Monitor| Oculus Rift| Opinion| Vol 21 - Issue 39| Volume 21

iBeacon Puts Displays at Retail Nexus

by Helen Vince

Mobile – In our last instalment on Apple Hybrid iBeacon and NFC (Near Field Communications) we said the company is once again demonstrating a canny sense of identifying Gateway Technologies that can empower (and further enrich) its …

Tags:Beacons| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| NFC| Payment Systems| Vol 21 - Issue 38| Volume 21

Can Apple Watch Crack Wearable Mainstream?

by Helen Vince

Wearables – A new Information Week Reader Survey is flying in the face of more traditional market research firms stating that by its reckoning,  more than two-thirds (66.8% from the 585 sample pool) responded Nix to the …

Tags:Apple| Apple Watch (iWatch)| LG Electronics (LGE)| Smartwatches| Vol 21 - Issue 38| Volume 21


Wide Color Gamuts and High Dynamic Range

by Helen Vince

Broadcast and Distribution – Think of this as Part 3 of my recent series of Display Dailys on expanded color gamuts and the future of video encoding. The series started, innocently enough, with Canon’s support of …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Opinion| Philips| Rec 2020| Rec 709| UltraHD| Vol 21 - Issue 38| Volume 21| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)| xvYCC

Dell Does Well in the PC Market

by Helen Vince

PC – Max Smolaks from the Tech Week Europe reports on the highlights of Michael Dell’s speech at Dell’s Solutions Summit in Brussels. Just a year after Dell delisted from the stock market, many …

Tags:Dell| Large Display Monitor| PC Market (Personal Computers - PCs)| Vol 21 - Issue 38| Volume 21| Worldwide

Sapphire – More Than Just a Gimmick?

by Helen Vince

Mobile Displays – For some time we have been talking about sapphire as the next great thing to make the next generation smartphones much better and nearly indestructible. With Apple announcing the iPhone 6 …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Sapphire| Vol 21 - Issue 38| Volume 21

The State of the Art iPhone6 Plus LCD

by Helen Vince

Mobile Display – Apple’s new iPhone6 Plus LCD represents mobile display state of the art, in a technology that dominates mainstream mobile devices. The panel is a new 5.5″ diagonal IPS AMLCD using an …

Tags:DisplayMate| iPhone| IPS| Mobile Display Monitor| Testing| Vol 21 - Issue 38| Volume 21


Apple iPhone6 Puts Focus Back on Displays

by Helen Vince

Mobile Display – The newest Apple iPhone6 marks a shift back to a focus on display quality for the company, so says DisplayMate.com founder and resident expert Dr. Ray Soneira in his latest Shoot-out …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 21 - Issue 38| Volume 21

Ooyala Sees Mobile Video on the Rise

by Helen Vince

Home Entertainment – Ooyala has released the Q2’2014 Global Video Index Report, indicating the rise of mobile video viewing. Ooyala is a streaming video company that combines technology solutions with data analysis to provide a more …

Tags:Streaming Video| Vol 21 - Issue 38

Apple Finally Adopts NFC, Announces Apple Pay

by Helen Vince

Smartphone – With its release of the new iPhone last week, Apple has announced Apple Pay, a new, secure and private electronic mobile payment system. Apple Pay works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus through …

Tags:Apple| iPhone| NFC| Payment Systems

Telstra to acquire Ooyala for cloud-based TV and video

by Helen Vince

Telstra to acquire Ooyala to build leading personalized cloud-based TV and video platform company Telstra’s investment enables Ooyala to accelerate growth and extend market lead as highly capitalized, independently operated business SYDNEY and MOUNTAIN …

Tags:Mergers & Acquisitions| Streaming Video