Austrian Post Tries VR for Promotion

Invidis reports that the Austrian Post organisation (Österreichische Post) has implemented a new VR 3D that shows a branch of the postal and telecommunications organisation. In the four-minute film, a virtual tour of a branch shows viewers the products and services available. The implementation comes from the company jumptomorrow from Vienna.

Jumptomorrow completed the project in three weeks. They combined a 360° video with motion graphics and 3D post-production to create the VR 3D show.

Österreichische Post was founded in 1995 and in June 2016 they opened a “Centre for Digital Change” that led to the development of new, integrated business models and technologies. The VR 3D show highlights the new products and services that have been developed and are now on offer by the service provider.

Die Post in Oesterreich setzt nun auf ein VR App