Audi Uses LEDs in Concept Car – and OLEDs?

By Bob Raikes

Audi has released some images of a new concept GT e-Tron Sportback with a 320kW electric drive and using LEDs and OLEDs. The concept will be shown at the Shanghai motor show. There are big LED arrays (up to 250 LEDs) that Audi suggests could be used for signalling and we have seen reports that the rear displays are also based on OLEDs, although we cannot confirm that. It seems likely given Audi’s previous demonstrations and concepts. There’s a video online.

audi sportback rearAudi e-Tron Sportback rear concept to be shown in Shanghai. Click for higher resolution

audi sportback interiorThe Audi Sportback interior concept is relatively conventional, although note the lack of external wing mirrors. Click for higher resolution.