Apple Sees a Better Future for Augmented Reality

In an interview with ABC News, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple was asked about the new iPhone 7 and also where Apple stands on the new topics of Augmented and Virtual Reality. Tim Cook explained that Apple sees the two as very different media. While VR is an immersive media that shuts people out of normal life, AR is enhancing our life by adding more information and opens new forms of interaction without shutting out the surrounding.

Source: ABC News – Apple Interview

He continued to say that both are incredibly interesting (I guess the politically correct CEO speaking), but augmented reality opens a much larger business opportunity. He actually said that AR is “probably by far” the larger of the two. So don’t be surprised when Apple is actively supporting AR and VR applications on their mobile devices in the not so far future. When it comes to a hardware release it seems more likely that Apple will take its time before releasing a headset that can do either or. – NH