Another Week of Too Much

I’ll keep the editorial short this week as we have a huge amount of content for you as we have three event reports this week. I worry that we’re overloading you, but, equally, I went through all the stories in editing and didn’t see anything that wouldn’t be relevant for our readership overall. We have an ongoing battle between completeness and digestibility. As I said last week, we want to bring you everything that might be relevant, but not overload you. At the moment, we’re in overload, but as a famous comedian in the UK says “I have a cunning plan….”.

This week, having a US-based team as well as in Europe was a real advantage as we were able to use our US team to get the Apple story done for the Front Page, while the EU team was working on production. Thanks to the team for that.

As I said last week, I welcome any feedback at [email protected]