An Update

I’m between events today. I got back from the NEC DTF event last night and am leaving for Gitex this evening (if you are going and would like to make contact, send a mail to me at [email protected]). As we are now two months into the merger with the Display Central website and the merging of the three newsletters into two, I thought an update might be useful.

From the newsletter point of view, much of the “mechanics” of combining three into two have been done. We have switched from monthly for some readers to weekly, we have the production process (more or less) under control and issues have been going out on time. Some readers are not yet used to the way that we offer either an advice that the newsletter is ready for download, or an attachment to an email. We do this (with advice as a default), as we find that some subscribers really hate getting big files in their inbox when travelling. You can manage this feature by logging into the website and selecting the “Manage subscriptions” option on the Downloads menu. Alternatively, just drop us an email and we’ll fix it.

We also produce the newsletters in two slightly different designs – one for A4 paper and the other in Letter format for those that like US printing. Again, your preference can be set from the website, or let us know at [email protected]

Behind the scenes, there has been a lot of activity to rebuild the main news website. We are moving to a “responsive” design that will work well on phones and tablets as well as PC screens. It will also integrate into the website so that there is a single log-on for news and downloads. That will give access to news stories as they are finalised. The new website is slightly differently structured to further differentiate the views that you, our subscribers, have of the content, and that seen by those that do not subscribe. In the past, the Meko Display Monitor newsletter was entirely driven by paid subscriptions, but the better content that we are now delivering also needs the support of some advertising revenue. We are determined, though, to ensure that as our core customers, paying subscribers have “all the good stuff”.

We plan to continue to develop the weekly format. The aim of the weekly summary is to give an overview of the important things that happened in the week, so that if you have been away or involved in an event and had no time to look around the usual news sources, you have everything in one place.

We are continually working on fine tuning the editorial content of the newsletters. The addition of the Display Daily team to our Meko news team has really expanded the range and depth of our content and the challenge is to get that into “digestible” chunks.

We have a constant battle to balance breadth and depth, while trying not to overwhelm readers with content.

If you have any comments on what we’re doing, I always welcome them ([email protected]). We do plan a reader survey once we have the “mechanics” sorted out to help us further calibrate our content.