ams Osram Launches TCS3530 Color Sensor for Superior Color Reproduction in Smartphones and Displays

ams Osram has introduced the TCS3530, a cutting-edge color sensor that enables smartphones to capture near-perfect color rendition in any lighting conditions and empowers displays to deliver a more natural and accurate picture quality. The TCS3530 boasts a state-of-the-art, fully integrated optical assembly that simplifies production operations for smartphone, camera, and display manufacturers.

At the core of the TCS3530 is its ability to produce an XYZ tri-stimulus response, closely mimicking the human eye’s three sets of color-sensitive light receptors. This sensitivity enables the sensor to deliver accurate measurements of chromaticity and illuminance in various lighting scenarios, ranging from bright sunlight to low-light conditions. By converting XYZ light measurements into precisely located chromaticity coordinates in the CiE color space, the TCS3530 enables ultra-accurate automatic white balancing in cameras. As a result, object colors are rendered naturally under diverse lighting conditions, including images captured under distorting light sources such as fluorescent lamps or LEDs, as well as images dominated by large blocks of non-white color.

The TCS3530 also proves instrumental in displays, monitors, and televisions by facilitating superior color management in any ambient lighting situation. Leveraging the sensor’s outputs, algorithms can adjust the display’s white point to match the ambient light white point, resulting in more accurate and pleasing color rendering and enhanced perceived picture quality.

The TCS3530’s performance stems from a series of innovative advancements in optical chip technology and packaging by ams Osram. Notably, it features an 8-channel configuration, comprising the XYZ channels, an infrared channel, and four reference channels. The sensor also incorporates a high-speed flicker detection capability of up to 7 kHz. This capability eliminates interference caused by flickering AC mains-driven lights and LEDs during image and video capture.

In addition to these advancements, the TCS3530’s new optical assembly includes an integrated diffuser. By eliminating the need for an external diffuser in the end-product’s optical design, this integration simplifies the manufacturing process while saving space. The assembly benefits from precise diffuser placement and a meticulously engineered distance between the sensor and aperture. This integrated architecture, coupled with 100% end-of-line calibration, ensures highly consistent optical performance from one unit to another. Furthermore, manufacturers are relieved of the costly and complex sensor system calibration at the factory.

The integrated assembly’s reduced thickness compared to a discrete arrangement with an external diffuser enables smartphone manufacturers to easily incorporate the TCS3530 color sensor into ultra-compact product designs. The TCS3530 True Color Sensor is housed in a compact 2.5 mm x 1.8 mm x 1.5 mm OLGA package. It is currently available for sampling from ams Osram.