LG Helps Samsung Expand Offerings With 83 Inch OLED TV

Samsung has partnered with its South Korean rival LG to strengthen its position in the premium large organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TV sector. The company has launched its largest OLED TV to date, the 83-inch OLED 4K TV (model QN83S90C), to complement its existing OLED TV lineup, which includes 55, 65, and 77 inch models. The new TV model is equipped with a white OLED (WOLED) panel produced by LG Display, the sole manufacturer of 83-inch displays in the industry.

The QN83S90C, priced at a whopping $5,400, directly competes with LG’s 83-inch OLED TV priced at $4,800. While LG has been selling OLED TVs for a decade and offers models in seven sizes (ranging from 42-inch to 97-inch), Samsung introduced QD-OLED technology last year and currently has four OLED screen sizes available (ranging from 55-inch to 83-inch). Although no formal reviews of Samsung’s QD-OLED TVs have been conducted yet, the specifications suggest that the image quality of the new 83-inch Samsung model will be comparable to LG’s highly regarded C3. The S90C series, to which the 83-inch Samsung TV belongs, is slightly less bright than the higher-end S95C series, which currently tops out at 77 inches. Additionally, the S95C series includes a One Connect box that simplifies installation by allowing users to connect their devices to the box instead of directly to the TV.

Both Samsung and LG models offer features such as 144Hz gaming, although this feature is only usable by PC gamers with high-end video cards. The QD-OLED TVs from Samsung also come with built-in cloud gaming, which helps target that demographic but, while the prices of big TVs are gradually becoming more affordable, OLED TVs, especially those with larger screen sizes, remain significantly more expensive compared to non-OLED counterparts. For instance, Samsung’s 85-inch QN90B QLED TV costs approximately half as much as its new 83-inch OLED TV, priced at $2,300.