AMD to Replace Kaveri With Godaveri

AMD may be preparing a new APU series codenamed ‘Godaveri’ – a refresh to the existing Kaveri platform. Swedish website Sweclockers claims that the platform will be launched in the summer.

As a (supposed) refresh, Godaveri will be built on the same architecture as Kaveri, with the same CPU and GPU cores (32-bit Steamroller and Graphics Core Next). The platform will feature up to four 32-bit cores and 512 stream processors; it will also retain the FM2+ design, supporting DDR3 at 2,133MHz.

Clock speeds will be improved and TDPs will remain the same. Performance will be between 5% and 15% higher than Kaveri, says Sweclockers, due to better driver support and higher clock speeds.

In a later update to its original post, Sweclockers said that the Godaveri APUs will use 8000-series branding. The flagship will be the A10-8850K. It will aim for 4.1GHz boost speed for the CPU cores and 856MHz for the GPU cores. Other specifications will be identical to the existing A10-7850K, which it replaces.

Other Godaveri devices will be the A10-8750, A8-8650K, A8-8650, A6-8550K, Athlon X4 870K, Athlon X4 850, A10 Pro-8850B, A10 Pro-8750B, A8 Pro-8650B, A6 Pro-8550B and A4 Pro-8350B.