Ambilight No Longer Limited to Display Surfaces

MMD’s newest Philips monitor, the 275C5QHGSW, features the thin-bezel Moda design and Ambiglow Plus Base. Like Ambilight, the Plus Base version creates a halo of light synchronised with displayed content – but it is emitted from the monitor’s stand, rather than the edges of the screen. The feature can also be used as a coloured lamp when the monitor is off.

The 275C5QHGSW is flicker-free and features Philips’ SmartContrast and SmartImage technologies. These automatically adjust contrast, colour saturation and sharpness. Users can also choose from Office, Photo, Movie, Game and Economy display modes.

An IPS panel is used on the 27″ display; it has 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 178° viewing angles and 14ms response time (5ms grey-to-grey). Brightness is 250 cd/m². HDMI, MHL-HDMI and VGA ports are featured, and the monitor’s stand enables -5° – 20° tilt.

MMD will start to sell its new Moda monitor in November, for £225 ($345) ex VAT.