Almost $2 Billion Invested in AR/VR by Q3 2017

Digi-Capital has released its latest Augmented/Virtual Reality Report, and revealed that $1.8 billion dollars was invested in the industry in the 12 months leading up to the third quarter of 2017, with $300 million of that being raised in the last quarter.

This number is significantly less than the $800 million raised in the previous quarter, but Digi-Capital attributes that gain to two particularly large deals and suggests that it is distinctly above-average for the industry.

Digi Capital ARVR InvestmentsClick for high-resolution image.

Going into the third quarter, the industry also saw an uptick of investments into mobile augmented reality, following a VR-dominated first half of 2017.

The individual sectors included in the breakdown are far more of a mixed bag than previously seen, with tech, games, photo and video, smartglasses, peripherals, social and entertainment seeing the biggest investment growth.

Digi Capital ARVR Investors 2Click for high-resolution image.

You can purchase the full fourth-quarter report now via the Digi-Capital website for $1,499, or take out an annual subscription for $2,999.