Absen Aims M29 at Rental Applications

Absen is showing a new LED system for indoor rental applications at a special event in Rüsselsheim, Germany on the 20th and 21st of September. The new system, called the M2.9 is based on a 2.97mm LED configuration that uses a new locking and releasing system which follows a “One Action” principle. Weighing 7.6kg, this new flagship black SMD LED panel from Absen boasts a contrast of 7,500:1 in a 168 x 168 pixel cabinet (500 x 500 x 96 mm).

The panels use a button locking system that takes 3 seconds to lock or release. “Press a button and it will release the panel, pull and it will lock it”, said European product director Frank Zhang. The panels are designed to allow a 5º concave/convex surface without tools. Each cabinet is made from four modules that are magnetic and can be front or rear serviced.

Absen said that one of the main reasons for LED malfunction in rental is poor handling and the new system is said to have been designed to minimise this. “Each cabinet features positioning pins which slightly angles the panel when standing to protect the LED lights and to prevent damage”, said Zhang. The same poles help technicians to properly stack the LED panels without risk of damaging LED lamps on the sides.