Absen MiniLED in High Demand

The initial batch of 500 x Aries AX1.5 – Absen’s newest MiniLED display – has sold out instantly, confirming the strong demand for high-quality 1.5mm fine pitch LED within the rental market. UK-based AV distributor, PSCo, was the first in Europe to invest in the product, with UK rental companies DB Pixelhouse, Onyx and Catalyst amongst the first to add the new product to their rental fleets.

Absen’s Aries LED display series is aimed at professional rental companies for high-end corporate events, conferences, auto shows, e-gaming competitions and broadcast applications, and is the first such product to combine a 4-in-1 integrated pixel design and Common Cathode technology.

Alex Couzins, head of brand and marketing for Absen Europe, said: “We have really seen the demand for a 1.5 mm fine pitch LED within the rental market kick off this year and we’re excited that PSCo is among the first companies in the world to offer customers the new Aries 1.5mm.

“Absen has dedicated two years of development to the Aries project; a decision that’s yielded a number of technological innovations and mechanical advances. This commitment has ensured that the product’s exceptional visual performance will not be hindered by the physical demands of the rental staging market. We can’t wait to see what PSCo has in store with the Aries AX1.5!”

PSCo’s head of LED, Liam Winter, added: “Absen’s new 4-in-1 MiniLED is an evolution and, ultimately, an upgrade to the traditional SMD LED technology, which sets the standard for LED performance today.

“The past 18-24 months has seen a number of attempts to solve the issue of using 1.5 mm pixel pitch for rental, but there has always been a visual and operational compromise. Whether the technical solution has been COB (chip-on-board) or coated SMD (GOB, or Glue-on-Board), the visual performance including contrast, colour uniformity and visual seams has not met the expectations set by SMD. Combine this with the inability to repair a single pixel, and the solution is simply not a compelling or viable option for rental use.”

He continued: “Absen’s Aries 1.5 MiniLED technology solves all of these issues. Not only does it exceed the visual performance of traditional SMD, it also delivers increased pixel strength and maintains the ability to repair pixels. Combine this with Absen’s Common Cathode technology, and you have the ability to boost maximum brightness 30% higher than traditional LED, ensuring your LED screen can deliver the same visual impact you’ve come to expect from larger pixel pitch products.”

absen 2

Packed full of technological innovation, Absen’s Aries AX1.5 has been engineered from the ground up to meet the demands of rental use, while delivering a new level of visual impact. Featuring a 16:9 aspect ratio panel, integrated pixel protection system, auto-lock mechanism and support for 4K UHD resolution and HDR10 standards, it is as uncompromising as it is futureproofed.

The Aries series has already impressed others in the industry, with the judges of the upcoming AV Awards having shortlisted the product for ‘Display Technology of the Year’. The winner of this category is to be announced at the ceremony on 11 October at Battersea Evolution in London.

Until then, the Absen Aries AX1.5 will be on display at Innovation House, PSCo’s new brand-new showroom in Bracknell, and Absen’s European headquarters in Rüsselsheim, Germany.