65″ Digital Screens Get ‘Tech Makeover’ with Introduction of NEC’s X651UHD Display

To give organizations more options for their unique conferencing and digital signage applications, NEC Display Solutions of America announced today the X651UHD display, a 65-inch ultra-high-definition (UHD) model delivering content at 60 Hz and four times the resolution of full HD.

Integrated into the X651UHD display, the new Multi Picture Mode feature enables up to four simultaneous content feeds to be displayed and manipulated to better serve the customer. This feature, coupled with new SpectraView Engine support, allows for industry-leading image performance and adjustment for all relevant visual parameters. Command and control, retail, CAD/CAM design, video conferencing, rental & staging and simulation are just some of the applications that will benefit from its immersive experience.

The display also has the ability to enhance content non-native to the resolution of the panel. Expanding on normal upscaling – when a full high-definition signal is brought into the system – the new UHD Upscaling feature uses algorithms to adjust pixels based on the intensity and color of surrounding pixels in order to provide an even sharper and richer image.

“The new 65-inch UHD display offers vivid content and a multitude of application options,” said Keith Yanke, Senior Director of Product Marketing at NEC Display. “Its Multi Picture Mode feature delivers up to four simultaneous feeds to the display at once, allowing for content flexibility for different digital signage applications, while the SpectraView Engine support gives users the ability to showcase mission-critical color accuracy and adjustment for those applications where colors matter most.”

Here are some of its other benefits:

  • Full 60Hz UHD content playback through a single DisplayPort input
  • High performance S-IPS LCD panel, in tandem with 500 cd/m2 maximum brightness and 1400:1 contrast ratio, means first-class image quality
  • 10-bit color performance delivers superior color fidelity
  • Integrated temperature sensors and thermodynamic cooling fans for the most rigorous digital signage apps
  • Highly flexible connectivity with DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4 x4, Dual Link x2
  • Full breadth of NEC software support (NaViSet Administrator, PD Comms, SpectraView, MultiProfiler and NEC Display Wall Calibrator) delivers unprecedented system and color control
  • Reduced power consumption with LED direct backlighting
  • Landscape and portrait modes for installation flexibility
  • Option slot support allows for UHD playback from future OPS PC’s.
  • Built-in dual 10W speakers

The X651UHD display will be available in April 2015 at a minimum advertised price of $6,899. The display ships with a 3-year parts and labor warranty, including the backlight.