5k Will be The Next Monitor Development

Asian reports claim that more vendors will announce 5k monitors (5120 x 2880, just under 15MP) next year. The move is part of a concerted effort to release high-end, niche units to remain profitable.

Some of the areas to be targeted by next year’s high-end monitors will include business, gaming and commercial applications. 24″ – 40″ UltraHD and 5k displays will be released. Philips is one of the vendors said to be looking at 5k displays.

Most of the 5k panel supply will come from LG Display. Other panel vendors will focus on larger sizes and UltraHD panels, with high NTSC colour gamuts.

Display Daily Comments

The success of 5k monitors will depend on both their pricing and the adoption of the 21:9 aspect ratio, which is significantly wider than the common 16:9 in use today. (TA)