3D Film Festival in Los Angeles is Adding Virtual Reality Fest

3DFF (3D Film Festival) is organizing the next one day 3D film show in Los Angeles on December 6. If you are a 3D fan and in Los Angeles that day, this may be a good way to spend a whole day.

The program is heavy on 3D content but also adds 4D content. This means 4D environments brought to you by CJ 4DX, which includes other senses rather than just seeing and hearing the movie experience. Interestingly, one of the 4DX presentations will include a 2D movie.

The organisers call this part of the 4DFF (maybe we can call theater 5DFF then) a “community based organization dedicated to the development and expansion of 4D cinema technology for use by both studio and independent artists and their audiences”.

As 3D is losing some of its appeal among consumers, 3DFF is branching out by creating 4DFF. We can be reasonably sure that we won’t see a 4DX TV any time soon. 3DFF also announced that it will present a VR Festival around the NAB show 2015 located in Las Vegas. The tour kicks off right here at 3DFF 2014 on Saturday December 6th from 10am to 8pm and then moves on to Las Vegas for CES (January 6 to 9) and to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival where it will host a six day VR Lounge event on Main Street (January 22 to 26). The Virtual Reality festival (VRF) is presenting the VR Lounge Tour featuring cutting-edge VR technology and content displays, along with educational speaker panels.

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This is an interesting development. While the 3D and 4D interest groups are aiming at the movie cinema patrons, the virtual reality patron is using a single person device most likely at home. I can’t see a business model where patrons come to a location to put on VR headsets to enjoy any form of content. Maybe I am wrong, but for me the VR headset is the ultimate single use at home device. On the other hand, VR allows for much more immersive content viewing.

The remaining question is how the VR experience will intersect with the movie crowd? In other words why are 3DFF and 4DFF also creating the VR Lounge? Is there an overlap of content or is it that certain companies are involved in both technologies? – Norbert Hildebrand