Jusha Shows Monitor as a Lightbox

After its very aggressive, very bullish attitude when it decided to first tried to enter the European market, Jusha of China is now much more muted, with the reality of the toughness of competing against established companies such as Barco and Eizo. There was not much new in the product lines, but the company was showing its large six megapixel DIM6061-157 monitor which can be used either to support dual 3MB mammography, or can have one side of the screen set to bright white to act as a light box for use with film. There are, apparently, parts of Eastern Europe where film is still used with patients bringing their film to the radiologist to be compared to a scan.

Inputs are dual DVI-D, DisplayPort and, still, VGA. There is a reading light on the bottom of the monitor and it has calibration, ambient, presence and temperature sensors. It can be used with WebQA software.

thumb Jusha Monitor with film