Zytronic Announces PCI 5.x Certification for Ultra-Secure PIN Entry through Large Format Touch Screens

Zytronic announces an ultra-secure version of its rugged, customised touch screens that supports PIN entry applications available via its development partner, Cryptera. Its full range of CryptoTouch® PIN-on-Glass products has recently attained international level 5 certification from the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council.

The PCI 5.x approval covers 12 customisable touch screen sizes, ranging from 5” to 27”. The technology enables authenticated payments to be handled entirely via the touch screen without the need for a separate mechanical encrypting PIN pad (EPP). Uses include various transactional and self-service payment applications such as ATMs, financial kiosks, forecourt payment, parking, ticketing, and quick-service restaurants.

The CryptoTouch® solution is approved for offline and online transactions and can be combined with a secure card reader and an NFC reader for contactless payments. All modules hold PCI 5.x certification and both card readers are EMV (Europay, Mastercard and Visa) approved and hold international card scheme approvals. CryptoTouch® with Zytronic touch screens have already been successfully used together in ATMs for a European bank.

“We are excited to bring this new PCI 5.x certified CryptoTouch® solution to market and expand the opportunities for Cryptera and our customers,” says Stig Gudmundsen, Director of Cryptera Sales & Marketing. “We are working on several CryptoTouch® projects targeting next-generation payment solutions for both the ATM industry and unattended payment.”

Ian Crosby, Sales & Marketing Director at Zytronic, adds, “A separate mechanical encrypting PIN pad for authentication increases system cost and can spoil the sleek, clean lines that kiosk designers and users are increasingly seeking. In addition, mechanical keypads, which can harbour dirt and harmful bacteria, are difficult to clean and disinfect. With CryptoTouch® Cryptera and Zytronic have successfully overcome these challenges while meeting the exacting standards of PCI and EMV. Customers can be secure in the knowledge that the hygienic and easy to clean Cryptotouch® solution has the backing of two leaders in the self-service industry.”

About Cryptera

Cryptera is a Danish Security & Payment technology company. With more than 2 million OEM payment solutions in operation worldwide, the company is an expert in encryption, certification, and secure provisioning services, providing maximum security in Industrial IoT devices. The company’s end-to-end security platform, including hardware, software, and services, protects sensitive data information by using cryptographic methods and certified secure processes.

About Zytronic

Zytronic Displays Ltd internationally award-winning touch sensors are used globally in ATMs, digital signage, self-service kiosks and gaming machines as well as by industrial and medical OEMs. The company’s success rests on its patented and highly durable touch sensing technologies, which can be provided in custom designs of 85” and beyond. These touchscreens are supplied under registered trademarks such as Zypos®, Zybrid®, Zytouch®, Zyfilm® and Zyprofilm®.