Zeppelin Corporation Suing Left, Right and Center for Display Patent Infringement

Patent troll pursues display licenses in Texas court

Cases have been filed in Texas by the Budo Law firm on behalf of Zeppelin Corporation pertaining to the U.S. Patent No. 10,313,630. Huawei got sued for patent infringement the same day as Asus, but the former was withdrawn the same day (May 25, 2023), but the latter went ahead. Verizon was sued on May 19, 2023. There is a listing for Zeppelin’s patent is listed on a page selling mobile/wireless patents.

The patent itself, seems to be based on the following assumptions:

DeviceKey Features
Device with Hybrid Memory and Advanced Display– Thin, transparent panel with a transparent antenna.
– Hybrid memory system (nonvolatile memory and hard disk, or NOR and NAND device).
– Display with substrate electrodes, emitters (with carbon nanotubes), and a fluorescent film.
Device with Dual Wireless Module– Dual wireless module for wireless data transfer, supporting Bluetooth, 802.11x, WiFi, WiMAX, and their updated versions.
– Policy engine to manage wireless modules.
– Hybrid memory system.
Device with Embedded System– Embedded system for managing first and second type memories.
– Memory types include hard disk and nonvolatile memory or NOR and NAND device sharing an address decoder.
Device with Transparent Panel and Antenna– Transparent panel for minimizing EM shielding effect.
– Transparent electrode and emitters on one substrate, and fluorescent substances on a separate substrate.
– Antenna incorporated into the transparent panel to improve signal performance.
Computing Device with Eye-tracking Technology– Eye-tracking technology for cursor control.
– Touch screen module and input interface for user interaction.
Digital Camera with Eye-tracking Technology– Eye-tracking technology for face detection.
– Touch screen module for interaction.
– Wireless data transferring capabilities.

Is it a patent troll? Probably, and it seems like everyone is a potential target based on the description of the patent and the level of activity. If anyone has more information, feel free to let us know through the contact form at the bottom of this article.