YUVSoft Converts 360° Footage to 3D

There are a variety of objective and subjective difficulties related to the capture, stitching together and editing of 360o stereoscopic 3D videos. To address these challenges, YUVSoft (Moscow, Russia) is offering a 2D-to-stereoscopic 3D conversion service for 360o video content and does so using in-house tools.

YUVsoft 1

A recent, but not overly informative, video that specifically presents the company’s 360o to stereoscopic 3D capabilities can be found at the end of this article.

The company’s service are claimed to offer several key benefits:

  • High conversion speed
  • Depth correction for stereo
  • Security
  • Up to 50 Mbit/s dedicated channel

The company also provides both high quality conversion for theatrical movies and medium quality conversion for 3D TV and digital signage.

Prices for the company’s services depend mainly on quality requirements, video complexity and deadlines. A few price guidelines have been provided by the company and are as follows.

Regular Low resolution commercials, low budget film library conversion, digital signage for glasses free 3D displays, 3D TV The base rate was $1000 up to May 31, 2016
Medium Stereo 3D commercials, high quality multiview
advertisements, high quality 3D TV, cinema, 360o video applications
From $2750
Hollywood High end commercials, high end theatrical movies Depends on material complexity and deadlines

Output formats include:

  • Various types of stereo as image sequences (DPX, TIFF) and video containers, including DCP.
  • 2D+Depth, including quad format with additional background information.
  • Multiview with arbitrary number of views.

Demo reels can be provided upon request. -Arthur Berman