Xvisio Launches SeerLens One AR Glasses for the North America Market

Xvisio Technology Co. announced and demonstrated live SeerLens™ One, its first mass production AR glasses product for the enterprise for the North America market. SeerLens™ One is a USB tethered cross-platform AR glasses with on-board vSLAM* engine based on the Epson VM40 free form prism optics.

It can be paired up with PC, mobile phone or dedicated mobile computing pack via USB type-C cable. SeerLens™ One is light-weighted and comfortable to wear, includes fast autofocus RGB and stereo fisheye cameras, built-in microphone with AI noise cancellation. It works seamlessly with Windows, Ubuntu, and Android devices supported by feature rich AR foundation SDK for contents development.

Xvisio AR foundation SDK enables compelling AR user experience such as spatial anchoring, superimpose, map creating and sharing, 25 joint gesture control, multi-user collaboration, etc. It supports enterprise AR applications such as field services, manufacturing SOP assist, remote assistance, logistics and transportation, virtual collaborations, or meetings. Xvisio works with ecosystem partners proactively to enable such use cases for the enterprise. As a recent member of the VRARA, Xvisio invites fellow VRARA member companies in the enterprise space to explore collaboration opportunities.

SeerLens™ family includes the SeerLens™ One glasses and Seerlens™ One Helmet with a few peripherals that enable the core features of immersive experiences for the Metaverse applications.

“We are extremely excited to launch SeerLens™ One AR glasses product series in North America for enterprise customers.” said John Lin, founder and CEO of Xvisio Technology. “SeerLens™ One offers very compelling values proposition to our enterprise customers and system integrators who need more advanced capabilities than the basic HUD (Heads Up Display) products on the market at a much affordable price compared to other AR glasses and HMD (Head-mounted Display) products. We position our SeerLens™ One products as step stones to the Metarverse world.”

Xvisio will roll out the SeerLens™ One family and its peripherals introduced in the diagram above with SeerSense™, SeerLens™ and SeerPad ™ launching in July 2022, and SeerController™ launching later in 2022.

About Xvisio Technology

Xvisio Technology is a global technology and product provider for XR industry with R&D centers in China, US and Europe. It provides best-in-class vSLAM based perception and interaction system solution for XR devices. The company offers design service for XR product development and two major product series -SeerSense™ sensor module series and SeerLens™ AR glass series for Metaverse applications.