XOEye Raises $1.5 million for Wearable Tech

XOEye Technologies has raised $1.5 million in a Series A funding round. The money will help to transition XOEye from a research and development operation into a fully operational company.

XOEye Technologies offers a cloud-based mobile device management platform that this year was extended to include a wearable safety glass headset. This device claims to be the “Google Glass for the blue collar worker”. In contrast to Google Glass, the device does not include any augmented reality component in the form of a see-through or see-around display component.

The wearable technology claim stems from the included video camera and audio component. This allows the user to get feedback from a supervisor on what he is doing and provide audio directions to the wearer. It is also aimed at the more rugged work environments, rather than the typical office.

The company also aims to raise an additional $500K in the coming months.