XDC Will be Presenting at Display Week 2023

X Display Company (XDC) will participate in this year’s Society for Information Display (SID) hosted Display Week 2023 symposium and exhibition to be held from May 21-26, 2023 at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Matt Meitl, Co-Founder and EVP, will present an invited paper as follows:

Session: 29.1 – Invited Paper: Emitters for Flat-Panel MicroLED Displays

Wednesday, May 24 / 09:00 AM / Los Angeles Convention Center, Room: 408B

M. Meitl, A. Pearson, G. Bradshaw, B. Keller, G. Rinne, J. Brown, D. Kneeburg, C. Meyer, I. Knausz, B. Trinh, E. Radauscher, M. Samarskiy, N. Jain, S. Bonafede, C. Prevatte, N. Yue, B. Fisher, N. Rivers, B. Raymond, C. Verreen, E. Vick, M. Ozbas, J. Lynch, C. A. Bower; X Display Company (XDC), Inc. Research Triangle Park NC US N. Nearman, R. Hansen, B. Wendler; Daktronics, Inc. Brookings SD US 

Abstract: Detailed designs and processes for packaging microLEDs into multi-color emitter structures that interface readily with conventional backplane materials are shown. The authors demonstrate the utility of these emitter structures with prototype displays, including driving schemes based on micro-scale integrated circuits, and an investigation of the reliability of the pixel-level interconnections.

Dr Chris Bower, Co-Founder and CTO, will Chair MicroLED related sessions at the symposium.

“We have made major strides in developing our technology in the past year,” said Randy Chan, CEO of X Display Company. “We will present and showcase how our technology is shaping the display and semiconductor industries.”