WiSA E Technology Transforms TVs: Seamless Multichannel Audio Transmission Without HDMI Cables for Enhanced Display Experience

WiSA Technologies, a prominent developer of wireless sound technology for smart devices and advanced home entertainment systems, has showcased its latest WiSA E technology, aimed at powering next-gen immersive audio products. Specifically designed for TVs, WiSA E delivers high-quality multichannel audio to up to 8 (soon 10) separate speakers, eliminating the need for an HDMI cable connected to a soundbar.

“The ultimate goal is to remove all cable-connected devices and enable the TV to produce a more immersive sound field than achievable with multiple speakers in a single device,” stated Brett Moyer, CEO of WiSA Technologies.

Moyer added, “Customers, as well as industry leaders and TV brands, have long sought a fully wireless, multichannel immersive audio solution. While others have merely discussed it, WiSA has fulfilled the promise of cable-free immersive audio technology. Our new WiSA E removes the need for an extra HDMI cable, and when combined with a TV’s internal speakers as the center channel, TVs can be designed to support immersive audio sound fields without a soundbar.”

WiSA E enables consumers to save hundreds of dollars by negating the need for redundant products between the TV and soundbar, while offering versatility across various price points, designs, and sonic signatures. The solution is also compatible with multiple speaker brands.

Moyer further explained, “The soundbar introduced the first affordable multichannel audio systems for everyday consumers but added another cable and device to our modern HDTVs. This is a temporary fix. The sophisticated solution involves empowering the TV to transmit and create an immersive sound field, far surpassing what’s possible with multiple speakers in one device.”

WiSA E addresses the issue of soundbars being unable to reproduce audio sound fields as intended in formats like 5.1 immersive sound and 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos, by making high-quality, wireless multichannel audio accessible to the average consumer.