LG Display Achieves Carbon Footprint Certification for OLED TV Panel, Sets New Standard for Eco-Friendly Innovation

LG Display has achieved the Product Carbon Footprint Certification from the Carbon Trust for its 65-inch OLED TV panel. The certification recognizes the panel’s adherence to the global standard for GHG emissions throughout the entire product life cycle. The Carbon Trust is a renowned climate consultancy that aims to accelerate the world’s transition to a decarbonized future.

LG Display’s self-emissive OLED TV panel, which requires no backlight, has reduced plastic usage by up to 90% compared to LCD panels and raised the recycling rate to 92.7% by increasing the use of iron and metal materials. The panel has previously received Eco Product Certification from SGS for its environmental friendliness across four categories: Recycling, Hazardous Substances, Resource Efficiency, and Energy Efficiency.

LG Display has also unveiled its META Technology, which combines ‘Micro Lens Array (MLA)’ technology and the ‘META Booster’ brightness-enhancing algorithm, improving the OLED TV panel’s energy efficiency by 22%. The company’s OLED TV panel also emits the lowest blue light in the industry while providing a flicker-free viewing experience.

Furthermore, LG Display introduced its ‘Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)’ system in 2021 to evaluate every environmental impact created during a product’s life cycle comprehensively. Through this initiative, LG Display has reduced the total use of materials and parts, minimized greenhouse gases and power consumption during manufacturing, developed products with lower power consumption, and reduced waste during the disposal stage.

“We aim to enhance the eco-friendliness and competitiveness of our OLED TV panels by incorporating environmentally sustainable technologies into LG Display’s unmatched technological expertise,” said Kwon-shik Park, Vice President of Foundation Technology Laboratory at LG Display. With these achievements, LG Display has solidified its leadership in the OLED industry, setting a new standard for environmental friendliness and technological innovation.