Windows 10 Close to a Quarter of the Market

The NetMarketshare report from Net Applications said that in November, Windows 10 had 23.72% of the market (up 1.13% on October) but is still a long way behind Windows 7 which has 47.17% of users. XP still has 8.63%, ahead of Windows 8.01%.

Analyst Comment

In checking out this data, which I saw on another news service, I noted that there has been a very rapid shift to Chrome this year, with penetration increasing from 35.05% in January, to 55.83% in November, almost entirely at the expense of Internet Explorer. Edge has increased from 3.07% to 5.21% will Firefox is flat at 11.91%, although it went down a lot in the summer. Safari has dropped from 4.64% at the start of the year to 3.61%.