WeKast Seeks Funds for Wireless Presentation Solution

WeKast has a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50K to deliver a dongle-like device that is intended to make collaborative meeting go a lot more smoothly. The problem they are trying to solve is the clumsy way that people share content from multiple devices on a shared display – be it a big flat panel or projector.

Products like ClickShare and many other do this pretty well, but these are not inexpensive solutions. WeKast wants to sell its device for $149.

The concept is simple. The dongle plugs into the VGA or HDMI port or cable connected to the collaboration display. A user downloads an App onto their laptop, tablet or phone. WeKast acts as a Wi-Fi router to connect to your mobile device – independent of any other Wi-Fi in the room. The App manages the delivery of content from the mobile device to the collaboration screen. The company says there is no set up at all – one click and you are presenting.

The app converts files into a mobile format keeping fonts, colors and videos intact. It’s also easy to preload presentations on your device from your PC. Just use the built-in PowerPoint plug-in to send files, the firm says. Once you open the app, your presentations will be downloaded and ready to go, it claims.

The WeKast engagement platform will allow you to:

  1. Share slides live with attendees
  2. Collect feedback in real time
  3. Follow up with attendees/ send presentations
  4. Engage with a broader audience via Social Media channels

Their goal is to make meetings more social, interactive and dynamic, at the same time making it easy to connect any screens together and share experiences anywhere.

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