Wearables and Smartphones Are The Focus for LG

LG Magna 2

The LG Flex 2 is one of the highlights of the show with its curved front panel and the ability to flex under force. A lesser known fact is that even the midrange phone Magna sports a slightly curved front display. However, unlike the Flex 2, LG does not say that the Magna is actually flexible, just slightly curved. In addition, the curvature of the LG Magna is much less pronounced than on the LG Flex 2.

There is also an interesting approach to change the appearance of the phone with a flexible cover that seems to snap in place with a magnetic hinge. The result is shown in the image below. When the cover is closed it turns a part of the display into a watch face telling the time. As soon as the cover opens, the display wakes up to the normal smartphone state. The idea works actually pretty well, based on the short time your reporter spent with the device. (Then again, I am one of those not wearing a wristwatch in the first place as my smartphone can tell me the time in any time zone without thinking about changing the time zone after a long flight. – NH)

LG Magna

In addition the LG Watch Urbane was shown for the first time to the public. The device comes with 1.3″ round POLED display. The resolution is 320 x 320 resulting in a pixel density of 245 PPI. The touch enabled device also has an option for LTE connectivity to make that important phone call from your wrist. In case you are still on the fence with the usability question of smart watches, LG and Audi demonstrated the ability to program the Urbane as a car key, so that you don’t have to worry about your keys anymore and can drive away your Audi RS5 with just your watch. Of course, if you think that this a great idea, then you might want to watch the battery level carefully, otherwise you may have to call a taxi to get home!

LG Urbane