Wavien Proposes Liquid Suspension of Laser Phosphor for High Power Applications

For high lumen projectors using laser phosphor, the phosphor material will typically run too hot and burn if exposed to too much blue light. To address this issue, Wavien has proposed a mixture that can be placed in a liquid medium and circulated past a cell for illumination and conversion in a projector.

Ken Li’s paper, #25.4, described and later showed a proof of principle device where the phosphor solution was circulated past a cell and illuminated with blue light. There was no imager – just white light that was produced. This allows for the design of reflective or transmissive white light sources in projection architectures.

He did not describe the materials that he used but noted that one can mix different phosphor to obtain the desired spectrum. One interesting result was that he found that more viscous fluid performed better and that there was an optimal viscosity and phosphor concentration (see figure).

wavien 1

Wavien thinks such a solution can enable LP projectors with outputs up to 40,000 lumens. The company is seeking industry partners to license the concept and continue development.