VW Will Include AR HUD in Electric Vehicle

During the Paris Autoshow, VW introduced its future electric car, the VW I.D. In an article Autocar, reported on an interview with chief VW designer Klaus Bischoff and their development of this new electric vehicle. Besides all the technical details, he stated that the VW I.D. will be coming with an Augmented HUD which means that the head up display will include an augmented reality feature. Similar technology has been shown by several manufacturers in recent exhibitions including CES. The augmented reality feature includes information tacking of places in the sight of the driver as well as lane correct navigational guidance. This kind of HUD has been called the next generation of automotive head up displays.

Source: VW

In addition the new electric car will include an autonomous driving feature that can be activated by pressing a button. There will also be no central entertainment unit, but every passenger will get their own touch screen to interact with the entertainment system. The VW I.D. will be available in 2020, with the self driving feature being available in 2025. (NH)