Vuzix and Ubimax Delivers a Hands-Free Smart Glasses Manufacturing Solution

Vuzix has teamed up with Ubimax to deliver a hands-free smart glasses solution to WS Kunststoff-Service using the Vuzix M300. The solution is being used to reduce errors, optimise processes, and simplify new employee training via a single wearable device across several use cases within the WS Kunststoff-Service manufacturing operations.

WS Kunststoff-Service, located in Germany, is facing growing competition from low-wage countries, and sought an error free process that would comply with strict ergonomic standards, while increasing output on their electrical component assembly lines. The initial project was adopted within a few months on two assembly lines driven by the Ubimax xMake solution running on Vuzix smart glasses. Wearing the Vuzix M300, the worker is guided step by step through the process via an intuitive graphical user interface, while the M300 concurrently communicates with external sensors, scales, video-based object recognition to drive quality assurance into the xMake controlled process.

The hands-free manufacturing solution delivered by Ubimax and Vuzix resulted in a significant performance increase for the assembly and training processes. WS Kunststoff-Service sought to extend the reach of this technology, and later added Ubimax’ xAssist. This hands-free solution eliminates the need for workers to leave their production line positions to consult with shift leaders when questions or errors arise, and instead they simply call from their Vuzix M300 smart glasses to receive real-time telepresence support to solve the issue. The whole project has resulted in significant cost reductions for WS Kunststoff-Service.