VRHero Headset Has Good Optics

VRgineers has developed a headset, the ‘VRHero’ that is intended to deliver ‘the best VR image quality’. The headset was designed in the company’s facilities in Prague and in Los Angeles and has been on the market for around a year. It uses dual 2560 x 1440 OLED displays and produces a 170 deg field of view and is intended for enterprise applications. The headset has custom optics and has seen acceptance from big companies. (our notes said that we thought this headset has the best optical quality of all of the wide FOV headsets that we have seen so far). Designers, in applications such as automotive, have already been very positive about the technology, the company told us. (It has Audi, BMW and Volkswagen as clients).

Architecture is also a strong application along with simulations.

The company has been working on developing the headset with reduced latency and better blacks and the company has the support of Nvidia’s VRWorks framework. The headset is supported in Unity 3D and the Unreal engine as well as Autodesk and other professional applications.

The headset was being shown with Leap Motion, a partner for the company, although it is a clip-on at the moment.

The headset is quite bulky, so the firm is developing a next generation version which will be around 1cm shallower than the existing unit. It will have integrated Leap Motion hand tracking and is expected to be the first to have integrated Leap Motion sensors.

DSC07060 VRgineers is planning to integrate Leap Motion and reduce the size in its next version. Image:Meko